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Hey! Welcome to the family...

Street Eats Mobile Eatery is not your average food truck. In fact, we aren't a food truck at all. We are a chef's kitchen on wheels. And we just want to feed you.

Our story started a couple of years ago with $200, a dream, and tacos. Since then, we have created multiple dinner experiences showcasing fresh and local ingredients. We don't fit the typical mold, but we know who we are. We bring people and communities together through our love for locally sourced foods and lovingly prepared dishes. We build relationships with local farmers and butchers. We kill it in the kitchen. We serve people who love to eat. We do our thing. We vibe.

We are a fully bespoke culinary experience. We are available to host private dinner parties, special events, chef collabs, wine pairings, pop-ups, and more. If our concept blows your mind, wait until you taste our food.

We just want to feed you.

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This new restaurant debuted with a spectacular burger…and a steering wheel

Check out what food journalist and critic Sue Kidd of the News Tribune has to say about Street Eats Mobile Eatery.

Photo by Sue Kidd

Upcoming Events




We get it. Everyone is a foodie these days. But you want to put your money where your mouth is. Join us for our culinary workshops and wow your friends with your perfectly balanced vinaigrettes, your bouquet garni skills, and your ability to differentiate between a mandolin and a mezzaluna. It won't be long before you'll be hearing, "Yes, Chef" in the kitchen.



We specialize in restaurant style dining experiences in your home or venue. Our menus are seasonal and customized for you. Our style is homegrown in the PNW. Level up your next dinner party. 


Street Eats

Keep up with us as we take our show on the road. We could be in a neighborhood near you!

There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t yet met.
— - William Butler Yeats